Get a Lesson in Numbers from Textures Guitarist Joe Tal – It’s Like if Math Involved Shredding

There will apparently be a showdown, because metal masters are like giants: put too many in one spot and they start killing each other. As far as I can tell this Metal Masters – Video Lessons page isn’t affiliated with the Metal Masters Clinic/Concert at NAMM that Gear Gods covered extensively last year. Maybe they were previously Metal Bachelors but recently completed a graduate program?


Ooooh, I get it. They have a lesson from Textures/Illucinoma guitarist Joe Tal. See, his last name is Tal, so the site is just stating his name: “Me, Tal.” And of course he’s a master of being himself. Of course, that doesn’t explain the other guitarists who have lessons posted there…

Well fuck it. If I cared about names I wouldn’t run a site that causes brand confusion with “Metal Gear” on a daily basis. So let’s just all shut up and learn a thing or two about using groups of numbers in lead playing from the Mr. Tal master himself.

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