How To Be A Jerk Guitarist In 10 Easy Steps – Video

This is one of the most funny and accurate listicles I’ve seen in a while. Anthony from YouTube channel Texas Blues Alley takes us all down a peg by holding up the mirror so we can see things we’re all guilty of.


All of these things are true, such as #4: Never give compliments and #5: Always declare a winner.

I’m sure we’ll all soon learn #11: Always get butthurt when someone points out you’re being a guitar jerk and post in the Gear Gods comments section about how hurt your butt is.

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  • Painfully true.

  • That’s cool Anthony, but can eight finger tap like me? Cause I’m basically the shit.

  • NUMBER 5

  • Number 11 – No matter which woods the guitar is made of, it doesn’t matter anyway since they all sound the same, mmmkay? Bonus points for a nerdy Kiss T-Shirt and ridiculous slippers.

  • bonus points on #4 ) : i compliments people like that….i never knew other people thought i was being condescending .

  • I like how he still talks like he is giving a serious guitar lessen.

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