Truth be told, I didn’t know anything about Power Trip before last year. But, people seem to reeeeeaaally like their new record Nightmare Logic, I can’t turn the corner without people raving about it! So, watching this episode of Rig Rundown from Premier Guitar was a really good introduction to some of the guys in the band. Super laid back, down to Earth guys who just make good thrash metal. Not much else you can ask for really. As a bonus, you get to see some dynamite Dunable basses in there, too. I could look at those forever. Watch it, you animal.

As mentioned, Power Trip’s newest release Nightmare Logic, is out an the people are eating it up. Wanna hear it? POW! There ya go. Want some tour dates? BAM! Right atcha. Are they on Facebook? THWIP! You bet your sweet bippy.

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  • Takeaway from this video: Rig is lean and mean and beefed up and mean and lean.

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