THE WEEKLY RIFF – RIVERS OF NIHIL Bassist Adam Biggs Shows You “A Home”


It’s that time of the week again ladies and germs! It’s the Weekly Riff! Only this week, we got a bass riff for you, from Adam Biggs of Rivers of Nihil. Biggs shows off the chorus of the song “A Home” from their upcoming album, Where Owls Know My Name. Get in here and get riffed on, ya muggy mug.

Where Owls Know My Name is out March 16th, preorders can be made here, but not here, that’s Facebook. Silly.

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Writer with a degree in Recording Technology. Nothing about my background gives me the credibility to relay any of this information to you. But here we are.

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  • “Okay guys, here’s a riff for you” (plays random notes at 200bpm)
    “Now slower” (196bpm)

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