Nick Menza Mega Drumming Webisodes Are a Countdown to Instruction

“Making of the album” features go online all the time, as do instructional videos. But “making the instructional video?” That’s a new one for me. Nevertheless, Nick Menza is doing exactly that with these webisodes, showing the process of creating his Mega Drumming DVD.


There’s a whole lot of hanging out (I’ll refer to these episodes as hangout 1 and hangout 2 in the hopes that he makes 16 more), some bad jokes, a bit of “Poison Was the Cure,” and the usual chatting with the recording engineer (in this case, David Jenkins of UberBeatz Studios). Enjoy. The DVD, and hopefully also a version available for digital download because what are we cavemen?, will be available some time this year.

Source: Blabbermouth

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