Because Kayo Dot are allergic to convention, they're promoting their new album Coffins on Io with a riff playthrough video

Oh, and he's rocking an incredibly nice Vigier Excalibur in the video.

If they had to render all of these videos at once then Final Cut would have been a "Triple Crash

The solo/Seven the Hardway/Tony MacAlpine guitarist may use the same pickups as most of the other featured EMG artists these

"It's not Safe to Swim Today" and "Winter Is Coming Soon" from guitarist Marc Okubo.

They do concern, however, several Dark Matters.

Drummer Mauro Mercurio parts the "Anoxic Waters."

Some insane drum cam footage for you, with a bonus cymbal setup chart courtesy of Meinl.

There's something to be said for making things look easy. Especially when nothing going on in this video is even

You don't get that confident swagger in your stance by rocking alongside a bunch of chumps.