Or how I learned to stop worrying because Ola's gear is the bomb.

If this ocean's a rockin', don't come a throwin' up over the bow.

Actually there's nothing particularly "meta" about this playthrough video. I just thought that made a good headline.

And in the process he gets some big tone out of those low-wattage Laney heads.

I may have to do a gear rundown with these guys one day, just so I can call it "Rigs

Bonus: Creature from the Black Lagoon jack-o-lantern. Available in most major retail locations.

Which closely resembles the act of playing difficult drum beats quickly

One last hit of NAMM, but DDrum does our job for us this time.

A bevy of levity from Hevy Devy.

This is extreme slap bass from beyond the scope of time.

I don't have anything clever for this one, just bang your damn head.

Better hurry up and sign up if you want Appice of the pie!

Thrown undergarments soon to follow.

I wanted to share this with you so his performance isn't just Meinl, it's yours-l.