RIVERS OF NIHIL Drummer Jared Klein Destroys Playthrough Of “Death Is Real”

PA-based death metal band Rivers of Nihil released one of our favorite albums of last year, Where Owls Know My Name. Now, drummer Jared Klein is here to show you the drum parts for the track “Death Is Real” in this playthrough. Buckle up!


This song and playthrough, in general, are great examples of Rivers of Nihil‘s sound. With plenty brooding riffs, blast beats for days, and an overall dark and melancholic aesthetic, “Death Is Real” pretty much has it all, and Jared’s playing only adds to that. This one-take video with no editing shows how much of a monster this dude is behind the kit, and we’re stoked to see what else these guys have in store.

Be sure to get Where Owns Know My Name here.

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