Turtles in Time Drum Cover by Decrepit Birth’s Samus Paulicelli

Wow, this one REALLY takes me back. Now here’s a game I spent some serious hours on. Watch the video below as this maniac (drummer for Decrepit Birth, ex-Abigail Williams) jams through a 12+ minute medley of every single song in the whole game, including the song from the screen where you choose your character and the ending credits.


With a name like Samus, it’s not much of a leap to imagine that he might be a fan of classic video games, and I think maybe he’s played this one once or twice before. He plays through the whole thing in ONE TAKE. I know this because it never strays from the one camera angle, no fancy editing or trickery (it even states at the beginning of the video – one camera, one take, no bullshit) and that’s pretty dang refreshing. Playthrough videos have become pretty common, and picture-in-picture, fast cuts, and infinity takes make for some very dry and sterile experiences (I know because I’ve made ones just like that), but seeing this has restored my faith in the power of metal. If you watch his other videos, this is definitely a guy who knows how to have fun, and as I’ve said before, fun is something that is definitely lacking in metal these days.

So if you love fun, and hate multicam shoots, feast your senses below.

For those who enjoy the intersection of video games and metal, be sure to also check out Powerglove, who deal in this realm exclusively.

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