I mean he shreds through it. You know, not that he's crying the whole time.

I have a friend who always refers to Dimmu Borgir as "Dimmu Burger," and it makes me hungry every time.

As long as that help involves the drums in general, and hitting drums with sticks in particular.

By "old west" I mean"the studio," and by "the fastest feet" I mean, "well, maybe not absolutely the fastest but

If you don't know Carvin, I feel bad for you son.

Have YOU ever wondered what it is like to be in Converge? Well then, today is YOUR day!

Watch in wonder as drummer Peter Costa will "Bring Down the Stars."

Former Djying Fetus djrummer goes djent for djollars

Guitarist Jason Volpe and his GoPro take you for a headstock ride into the ear canals of madness.

This is among a few Mike Fortin-designed Randalls that we're anxiously awaiting the release of. Watch the Haunted/Feared guitarist, and

No surprise that every musician Marty picked for this project turned in an incredible performance.

*Not to be confused with "Bjorn Strong," the Swedish bodybuilder.

To quote our comments section, the man "sweeps like a f#cking janitor."