TOONTRACK EZKeys Pipe Organ – The Gear Gods Review

Toontrack’s EzKeys series has been around for a while now, combining two fundamental ideas. To sound as good as possible, and to make songwriting as easy as possible. Just like those that have come before it, EzKeys Pipe Organ is indeed just that. The Pipe Organ itself sounds very realistic and Toontrack went through the trouble of sampling different variations or modes of the pipe organ. There should be enough here in terms of Pipe Organ variation that one looking for a specific pipe organ sound should find it. I personally like the Plenum 16’ Cathedral, it has a very gothic sound to it.


Now let’s talk about songwriting. The songwriting module here is the same for any EzKeys product. They in fact all share the same user interface, and you just change the library in the plugin to whatever you want accordingly. To me, it’s this songwriting module that really makes EzKeys, and simply put it’s a smart and intuitive design. First off, Toontrack include a 27 page music theory book that I highly recommend anyone who does not know music theory read. Even if you did learn music theory, maybe skim through it to refresh yourself. It’s not the most comprehensive book on the subject, but it is the most to the point.

Writing parts into EzKeys is quite simple. You can choose from a library many different kinds of MIDI tracks that consist of a single chords with variations or entire cord progressions with multiple variations in many different styles. If you go with a chord progression but want to change a chord, clicking on the chord brings up a chord wheel with all the possible chords and inversions. You can also use the chord wheel if you want to start from scratch without any pre-made chord progressions. You can input what you want chord by chord, you have control over the rhythm quality and if you want the chord broken up.

I have to imagine that for most people who are not keyboard players but want keyboard parts in their music, EzKeys should be sufficient for their needs. If you are trying to get into songwriting but are having a hard time getting started, EzKeys songwriting abilities should come of great help to you in that regard.

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Alex Nasla is a keyboardist, producer and mixing engineer. He keeps busy making audio plugins for Rosen Digital, is audio director at multimedia company Toxic Creativity and is involved in 3 different musical endeavors. 

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  • I don’t think the clip sounds very real, it’s missing the attack that real pipe organs have.

    • The song is just poorly mixed is all it is.

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