Is This The Last Conquering Rifftopia? Schecter Says So!

The Conquering Rifftopia series with Conquering Dystopia guitarists Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow is incredibly cool to watch. They break down the insane riffs they play, with some nice little explanations and insights into their process. And the way they show the notes on the fretboard while he plays – genius. Even I learned how to play one of their riffs.


But according to the somewhat awkward and seemingly tacked-on intro to this 6th installment in the series, Jeff joining Arch Enemy has apparently put an end to that, and so this is to be the final episode.


I…. just….. don’t get it! Can’t they just shoot more when Jeff gets back from tour? Will there be more Conquering Dystopia music? Won’t they just pick it up later? So many unanswered questions!

In any case, enjoy this (maybe) last episode, in which Keith breaks down the bridge for their song “Autarch”. Also – Lambo Orange KM-7 which is set for release this January!

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