Gittler Guitar – All-Titanium Guitar Review

The Gittler Guitar is probably the ultimate deconstruction of the electric guitar. Originally designed in the 70’s, it’s pretty much only made of the bare minimum of things that make for a functioning electric guitar. It’s a demonstration that things like a fretboard, neck, body and head are good to have, but aren’t an absolute necessity.


It’s a guitar made almost entirely from titanium that has both magnetic and MIDI pickups and 31 frets, and it’s only recently made a comeback. You certainly can’t fault whoever revived the design and brought in back into production, it’s a little bit of weird genius. You won’t catch me shelling out the $5k it costs, but I’ll gladly noodle the shit out of one at NAMM.

This guy, on the other hand, paid the price gladly and is giddy over his Gittler.

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  • This thing looks like the exact opposite of fun. Countdown to Misha shilling them all of the internet and everyone gobbling his cock about it.

  • like removing the body of a car and driving the chassis around……ugly and pointless.

    • Did you watch the video? Did you hear how that thing sounds? At the end of the day, playing any instrument is all about getting a good sound out of the thing. It may not look pretty (personally, I think it looks pretty cool), but it sounds amazing, and it looks fun to play. And I don’t do any of that jazzy type stuff that the guy in the vid is doing. My playing is straight up metal. And I want to get my hands on this thing! :D

      • yeah, for sure, it does sound good, no doubt….. but like most guitarists, aesthetics is important too……looks plays a big part too don’t
        you think? im all for new technology and innovation….but hey, its just not my bag :)

        • In a music video or at a concert aesthetics might play a big part. But when one is recording: sound is Queen. Sound comes first. At least, it does in my book. :)

    • Yep, pointless… and ugly.

      Only if you are blind, and have no sense of fun.

  • I don’t know how I’d like the feel of not having a fretboard. Kinda like ghosting.

    • Like, extreme jumbo frets with a scalloped fretboard? I’d like the feel of that, but the lack of a neck would be a greater worry to me, because of how you would hold it.

      • they have clip on neck profiles. the problem I see is not being able to swap pickups and the fact that they can’t seem to get a decent guitarist to demo the thing

  • Nobody forces you people to buy one. I think it’s interesting, surely any real guitarist would be curious to try it… Obviously not a substitute for other guitars, but this is in no way a bad product, it just adds more to the guitar universe. And that’s what really matters in the end. I personally think it’s an awesome guitar that opens up a whole new world for the creative player.

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  • Everything is minimalized…except the damn price.

  • I like almost everything about this. One of the things that seems strange is the idea of only having that bar for your thumb as the “neck”. Having played on my Strandbergs with the Endurneck for a few years know, I’ve very aware of how my thumbs moves as I play different things. This doesn’t seem like it would allow me to do that.

  • $5k??? Try $8k after tax. They couldn’t pay me $8,000.00 to play one over a strat. A guitar needs a wood body,a wood neck, and a fingerboard. Without those essentials it sounds like this mess above.
    – a tinny noise. Although I might try one out, I wouldn’t pay $100.00 for it. It is a midi device
    that plays like a guitar without a body,neck,fingerboard, and that is tantamount to a broken guitar. It must feel extremely awkward. Playability must be horrible compared to a guitar w/neck/body. There is zero stability without a neck or body. Bending must be terrible, and tapping horrendous.
    Wait a minute….maybe that is the reason guitars have bodies and necks. They provide balance, stability, tone, and all things guitar. An interesting invention in the way roland created it’s synth guitar – but not to ever replace a guitar…and certainly never to exceed it’s worth $150.00. Titanium does wear and scratch.
    $8K???? A foolish decision for a small block of titanium attached to a titanium rod. Didn’t Able Axe try to do something similar to this decades ago?

  • Looks fantastic and fantastically fun to play… Would love to have one of those!

    For all of the naysayers the analogy is that it is to a traditional guitar what a synth is to a grand piano. They may look and operate with some familiarity, but the function is a lot different.

    Too cool.

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