Gittler Guitar – All-Titanium Guitar Review

The Gittler Guitar is probably the ultimate deconstruction of the electric guitar. Originally designed in the 70’s, it’s pretty much only made of the bare minimum of things that make for a functioning electric guitar. It’s a demonstration that things like a fretboard, neck, body and head are good to have, but aren’t an absolute necessity.


It’s a guitar made almost entirely from titanium that has both magnetic and MIDI pickups and 31 frets, and it’s only recently made a comeback. You certainly can’t fault whoever revived the design and brought in back into production, it’s a little bit of weird genius. You won’t catch me shelling out the $5k it costs, but I’ll gladly noodle the shit out of one at NAMM.

This guy, on the other hand, paid the price gladly and is giddy over his Gittler.

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