Between The Faceless and Conquering Dystopia, Rudinger is cranking out these playthrough videos.

Bonus: two full kit rundowns and his views on sound replacement.

Choice is a fine thing. So whether guitars, bass, or drums are your thing, we have the playthrough for you.

Please do not take Voyager before attempting operating large machinery.

Swing your beer stein to this one as we celebrate our kick-snare heritage.

Did we love it or hate it? The next 3 minutes may determine where you spend your next $1000

It's better than last week when you ended your Friday with an entire plate of nachos. At least split them

I've recently switched to unsalted blood. Better for the heart.

Some really solid high-speed fingerwork in this bass playthrough video.

Trust me. I gave him "Less" for his birthday last year and he was kind of bummed out about it.

If only he'd hit the kick on all the quarter notes, he'd be the Jeff Fabb Four on the Floor.

I've heard that waving a red cape in front of time is a particularly effective method.

An unreleased song that's more released than any track from the band's soon-to-be-released album