HARBINGER: Cast Hopelessness Aside With This Exclusive Dual Guitar Playthrough For “Desperation Dear” (Via CARILLION GUITARS)

In the wake of the release of their debut album Compelled To Suffer, which dropped on May 17th, 2019, UK tech-death outfit Harbinger have been hard at work preparing to play UK Tech-Metal Festival, Bloodstock Open Air, and Radar Festival, among other shows. And now, guitarists Ben Sutherland and Charlie Griffiths are here to show you how they pull off the song “Desperation Dear” in this playthrough from the Carillion Guitars workshop (dubbed “The Workshop Sessions”). Watch and mosh your face off, only right here, on Gear Gods!


Right off the bat, the track pulls you in and holds you tight. With plenty of modern, tight tech riffs, neoclassical shred moments that would make Yngwie proud, and a grandiose production style reminiscent of bands like Rivers of Nihil, the tune has a great blend of brooding, dark moments and fast-and-hot ones (my nickname in high school). And lest we forget Ben and Charlie, who do a great job of tying it all together, as well as those Carillions which don’t look half-bad either!

As for the guitar specs, here’s what the dudes are rocking:

Charlie Griffiths: Polaris 6

  • Reversed Classic headstock
  • 26.5″ scale length
  • Set neck construction
  • Quilted Maple top.
  • Black Limba body
  • Flamed Maple/Ebony laminate neck
  • Pale Moon Ebony fingerboard
  • Bare Knuckle pickups

Ben Sutherland:Plagueis 6

  • 26.5″ scale length
  • Set neck construction
  • Flamed Maple top
  • Honduras Mahogany body
  • Flamed Maple/Mahogany/Bog Oak neck
  • Macassar Ebony fingerboard
  • Bare Knuckle pickups

Be sure to catch these guys on the road with Godeater on the Compelled to Suffer UK Tour this fall, as well as listen to Compelled To Suffer here. Dates and deets below.

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