SCHIERMANN: Bassist Matt Ball Effortlessly Glides Through This Fretless Bass Playthrough of “Flexuous”

You may have heard of progressive rock and metal guitarist Chris Schiermann‘s work before. The dude recently released his debut album Schiermann, and to show you how to hold down the low-end, bassist Matt Ball is here with an exclusive, fretless bass playthrough for the song “Flexuous”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


In the over 9-minutes-long track, Ball demonstrates his command of the fretless bass, which is something many regular bassists struggle to get accustomed to. The song is a twisting and turning obstacle course with tons of sick parts, riffs, and ideas to keep you re-listening to it for hours to come. And Ball’s performance here only adds to the interesting textures and grooves that permeate the song up until the very end.

Be sure to listen to and stream Schiermann here.

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