Would a rose by any other name jam as sweet?

I guarantee you have not heard anything like this Java-synth song today!

Drummer Dan Carle's got the chops - above and below.

Watch them jam some new riffs in front of a room of nerds!

Legendary jazz-fusion-shred guitarist drops a new track from his forthcoming album Concrete Gardens

Ron Jarzombek rips through a Science track in new DVD series, Dissecting Bugs.

Dave Davidson and Nicky Shinz have made

Drummer for the Faceless, and everybody else, rips through a Monuments track with his new bun.

The low-end rager from Cannibal Corpse and Blotted Science puts his chops to work in new supergroup.

Move over Marcus Miller, Rob Scallon is coming for your crown!

The space metal nerd cred meter just started smoking and then exploded.

Tasty is the new shreddy. Nili's got both.

I'd also pay good money to see them in a rap battle, but this is a start.