Good Morning; Here’s a Zach Hill/Death Grips Drum-Stick POV Video

Is anyone here freaking out about the new Death Grips album? I’ve heard it, and it’s ok, I mean, the thing with this band is they’ve always been so monotone that it is hard to listen to something all the way through. And with their stunts, the (oops) ostentatious social media posts, and cancelled shows, it’s more than clear that they are a band concerned with a message first, music second.


That being said, Zach Hill is a sick drummer, and I’d never say no to getting a weird look at his playing. Which is exactly what we get with this drum stick cam POV video for “I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States.” Check it out below:

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  • >”Message over music”

    Top kek


    Top kek

    OP confirmed heard about Death Grips a week ago

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