Guitarist Mark MR rips (live!) through one of Existential Animals' toastiest tracks.

I guarantee this is the weirdest, most intriguing metal song you'll hear today.

Plug in your headphones and "Unplug" to some groovy drumming.

Progressive Occasionally Blackened Melodic Tech-Death

With a playthrough of Skwisgaar's portion of "The Duel."

Our dude Krzysztof Słowikowski takes a break from Mega Man to chop up a Nobou Uematsu classic.

Meet your "Malevolent" dictator of blistering prog.

The axe being an Ibanez RGD 2127FX, in this case.

Yet another Fricker, only this one doesn't talk!

It's not only playing with fire that can get you burned!