Olly Steele (MONUMENTS) Releases Solo Track – With Playthrough!

Here’s a slamming guitar playthrough from Monuments man Olly Steele. No particular album or anything that it’s from, nowhere you can download it – just the pure joy of riffing.

According to the description:

Here’s a full length original tune!

I wrote the bulk of it about 6 years ago, presumably shortly after hearing Haunted Shores for the first time (The working title I had was “Flaunted Whores” hence the obvious influence and me changing the name…)

The parts from 1:43 to 3:19 were written recently and are more indicative of where I’m currently at creatively.

Thanks to Misha Mansoor for lending me his beautiful Aristides 060 for the shoot, and special thanks to Anup Sastry for helping me film in his gorgeous studio!

Give this man your subs.

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