New project featuring former members of The Ocean is a breath of fresh, dirty rock air.

Click to see all the gimbling, mimsy, and borogoves your mome raths can outgrabe.

They call him the Sugarman cuz his playing is SWEET!

The "Manipulator" of 9 string guitar.

He didn't Scale the Summit so much as he remained at the base of it for this playthrough.

I think a soreption is when you have a sore inside of another sore inside of another sore

Okay, fine, it's actually "Wasps in the History of the Weak." But personally I prefer my version.

Featuring one of the best cabinet manufacturers that you've likely never heard of.

It's studio, but also live. But also studio. But also, live.

One song - 13 guitars. Overkill? No such thing.

Some hump day shredfest to get you through the week!

Oleg Zalman plays through a sci-fi-black-metal track off Labyrinth Constellation

Two drummers, twice the drummer jokes.