Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Takes A Break From Yoga to Shred

Like many people, I’ve been pretty excited by the resurgence of Cynic over the last few years. Although I prefer my prog to be a bit more on the Dysrhythmia end of the spectrum, there’s no denying that Cynic were a singular voice in their genre, and are continuing to do weird and interesting things with their music. It’s not often you see bands continue to throw curveballs this late into their careers.


Guitarist Paul Masvidal is much of the reason behind the band’s artistry. In addition to being an accomplished songwriter and guitarist, Masvidal is also an accomplished yogi (he often leads audiences in mid-concert stretch exercises). But for now, let’s stick to his chops. He recently laid down some guitar playthroughs for “The Space For This” and “Moon Sun Heart Head,” which you can watch below, courtesy ProTone Pedals:

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