CHEMICAL BURN – Marc Pattison Triple Guitar Solo Playthrough

Back in July we premiered for you Chemical Burn’s drum playthrough of “I Rise, I Fly” in which drummer Kevin Jackson chemically burned his way through the hard hitting, high speed jam with a passion.


Now we bring you the guitar equivalent – CB’s guitarist Marc Pattison, who instead of playing through one whole song, decided to cut right to the quick and just hit the solos for 3 of their songs in a row. Let’s face it – guitar playthroughs are mostly aimed at an audience of guitar players, and what do we mostly want to see? Guitar solos. So I think it’s a smart move. Skip the salad and the appetizers, let’s get to the steak dinner (I’m more of a ribs guy, myself).

I enjoy that these aren’t mimed playthroughs, so no possible trickery there, and that they walk that elusive line between tasty and shreddy. Those wailing whammy harmonics at the end are pretty terrifying too.

If you want to get a larger overdose of chemicals, then you’re gonna want to pick up the band’s debut album Raining Anvils which is out now, and follow them on all the social media:

Here’s the full album on Spotify if you prefer stream:

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