The Heil PR30 Mic for Metal Guitar, with Glenn Fricker

The Shure SM57 has long been a mainstay for engineers the world ’round for miking guitar cabs, snare drums, and pretty much anything else. The President has two on his lectern at all times. It’s ubiquitous, to say the least.


But is it the best? You’re probably so used to the sound that you never even stopped to think about whether or not it was the best choice. And who’s got the time to experiment?

Glenn Fuckin’ Fricker, that’s who.

Not much doin’ in the frozen tundra of Canada, so Glenn has time to try different options that aren’t just the status quo. Also, main man Fluff likes to use the Heil PR30 on cabs as well, and I think maybe Glenn got the idea from him. Great minds think alike?

I think it sounds great, much less harsh than the 57. I’m gonna have to try it myself.

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