SINGULARITY Regret Absolutely Nothing As Guitarist Jack Fliegler Rips Through This Playthrough Of “Ritual Of Regret”

You might recognize fellow musician Jack Fliegler for his work doing metal covers of video game soundtracks as ToxicxEternity on YouTube, but you might not be aware that the dude also shreds in the band SINGULARITY. The band is about to drop their upcoming album Place of Chains on October 11th, 2019, and in anticipation of the new record, they’ve just released this guitar playthrough for the track “Ritual of Regret”!


If you’re a fan of the two of the finest constants in metal: tech death and blast beats, you are in for an absolute treat here. The playthrough features Fliegler tearing up the track at the Hughes & Kettner facility in St. Wendel, Germany, and demonstrates his absolute command of this style of music. If you’re aware of his playing from his amazing video game theme covers, this probably comes as no surprise.

Be sure to pre-order Place of Chains on Bandcamp, Spotify, and merch on The Artisan Era, as well as subscribe to ToxicxEternity on YouTube here.

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