After the Burial Drummer Covers Lee McKinney’s “Skylasher”

We already know After the Burial drummer Dan Carle is a total sicko. You’d have to be, to play even 5 seconds of ATB material. And I kind of feel like once you hit a level like that, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want on your instrument, right? So you start turning your eyes to other challenges to keep it fun and fresh.


But Dan didn’t stray all that far – he took on a playthrough of labelmate Lee McKinney’s one and only solo track “Skylasher” (which is a Magic: The Gathering card by the way) and he absolutely obliterated it.

Watching this had me a’wondering and a’conspiracy-theorizing – McKinney put out this single (with what I’m pretty sure are programmed drums) with no announcement of an album or EP, which could be a testing of the waters, to see if such a longer form release would be well received. Maybe he’s looking at doing just such a thing, and has enlisted the help of Mr. Carle to record the drums for him. This is PURE speculation (and wishing, of course) but how damn cool would that be? Maybe we should start a petition….

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