Our dude Krzysztof Słowikowski takes a break from Mega Man to chop up a Nobou Uematsu classic.

Meet your "Malevolent" dictator of blistering prog.

The axe being an Ibanez RGD 2127FX, in this case.

Yet another Fricker, only this one doesn't talk!

It's not only playing with fire that can get you burned!

J.C. Bryant runs down new track "Blue Sun."

Bringing the Anthropocene Epoch to a grinding halt.

We may live on a solid world, but these dudes are from down under it.

This playthrough is for the conspiracy theorists.

Guitarist Tomáš Raclavský rips through "Falls."

Drummer Steve Meyer tears up a track in preparation for the band's upcoming Fret Fuel Can't Melt Steel Strings tour.