THE ZENITH PASSAGE – Exclusive Guitar Playthrough for “Holographic Principle II”

The Zenith Passage is a band you may have been sleeping on. One of the most interesting tech-death bands out there, they are led by Faceless guitarist Justin McKinney. In this new playthrough you can only watch here on Gear Gods, he and guitarist Rob Maramonte tear through their song “Holographic Principle II” from their upcoming debut full-length Solipsist, which is out on Unique Leader on April 15th. You can (and you will) pre-order the album right here and have a fucking wonderful day.


The Zenith Passage will be playing the following cities on tour next month:

4/14/2016 The Gate – Bakersfield, CA
4/16/2016 Pub Rock – Scottsdale AZ
4/17/2016 P.B.W.L.A. – Pomona, CA
4/22/2016 PB&Js –  Reno NV
4/24/2016 Red House – Walnut Creek CA

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