You’ve Been Tuning Your Snare All Wrong – Here’s The Best Trick

Now I’m not a particularly good drummer, but I do love to play when I can. Because I’m not that great, it hardly matters what I’m playing on – I don’t know the difference. But I can hear when a good drummer is playing on a well tuned snare (or not) and it’s something that’s important for me when drummers are recording my music.


So this video has caught my attention. The title didn’t hurt, but the thing that really pulled me in was the wacky thing he does to remove unwanted overtones from the snare. I never in a million years would have thought to do this, and apparently this dude has a whole damn DVD about tuning drums!

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  • I’m not a drummer…

  • Doesn’t this affect the drumheads life?

    • But tone

    • It may or may not. Playing guitar always limits the life of my guitar strings. Also, if you think about any 14 year old with two hammers for hands, his drums are rarely tuned, full of wrinkles and his heads last forever.

    • Yes. It destroys the drum head. You’ll get about six hours out of it.

  • this is how you warp your drum. i would rather learn how to actually tune a snare drum than spend $300 every other month on new snare drums

    • Thank you. You at the very least will be completely destroying hoops if you have single or triple flange…. but chances are if you have die cast you’re either playing a custom, Starclassic, Pearl Masters, Reference, or Gretsch Renown… and likely know how to tune…

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