Is IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM The New NECROPHAGIST? Watch This Drum Playthrough And Decide For Yourself

The world has been waiting for a very, very long time to hear a new Necrophagist album. I hate to break it to you – it’s probably just not ever going to happen. I don’t know what the fuck that guy has been doing for like 10 years but it doesn’t matter. I’m over it.


Onto something new.

Irreversible Mechanism is a bit of different beast, but still in the same vein of melodic tech-death, but with the awesome addition of epic keyboards – and they have taken the aformentioned’s place in my heart. On their album (which you can get for name your own price on Bandcamp!) they hired Lyle Cooper (ex-The Faceless) to play drums, but since they are based in Belarus, clearly they needed to find someone local who could play for them on a permanent basis. Enter Mike Ponomarev.

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  • You want a new Necrophagist album? Sign the petition!

  • Irreversible Mechanism are very impressive technically, but I do miss something in the songwriting and production departments. I don’t think we need more Necrophagist. We have Spawn Of Possession, Beyond Creation, Job For A Cowboy and many more great Tech Death bands around. But for me personally, Irreversible Mechanism aren’t the ones filling that hole :D

    • ill fill that hole

      • Watch out for al gore

    • No offense, but most of those bands don’t sound like Necrophagist to me. You can never have enough Neceophagist. :)

      That said, I agree with you. In terms of song writing that new Zenith Passage is SAF.

      • I agree. I didn’t mean they sound like necrophagist. I just think they put out the same quality of music.

        Of course I would be happy if Muhammed brought us new tunes, but I don’t care if he never does, because there’s enough great tech death out there

  • NOPE!

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