Bumblefoot Teaches You To Play Like the Guitar Gods

I was already pretty interested in ex-Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Bumblefoot‘s playing and influences, but after watching his series of videos where he runs down the techniques of various electric guitar players, I’m pretty impressed. Dude seriously has put in the time to study guitarists from a wide variety of styles, and what’s apparent from these interviews is how excited he is by guitar playing in a child-like way, like when you first learn how to tap an A minor triad or sweep a simple arpeggio.


Check out his mini “lessons” on Eddie Van Halen, Ace Frehley, Brian May, Jimi Hendrix, and Yngwie Malmsteen, courtesy the new music channel Louder Noise. These are by no means comprehensive studies of those guy’s playing – just this dude’s thoughts on what makes them great.

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