NONPAREIL, “Yuan Xing Jianyu” Exclusive Bass Playthrough

It’s a really interesting time to be a fan of more avant-garde, weird metal and punk music. There’s been a deluge of new bands formed by old hats – Sumac, Dead Cross, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, Mutoid Man – that in many ways are pushing the boundaries of what those musicians did years ago.


Nonpareil is another of these bands, a project from the minds of members of Abigail Williams, the Bled, and more, that are a bit closer to the raw, naked sound of Shellac than they are the pummel of Botch or Cave In. They’ve got an EP, Allergen, coming out soon, which sounds really interesting based on what I’ve heard so far (frontman Connor Woods spent a bunch of time traveling around and working in China, and much of the lyrics of this release are inspired by that experience). So we’re teaming up with the band to premiere John Brandon’s bass playthrough clip for the track “Yuan Xing Jianyu.” Check it out below:

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