GOOD TIGER Dudes Double Down on Telecasters and Riffs

I bet more than a few of you are excited for the new album from Good Tiger – the don’t-call-it-another-supergroup ensemble featuring members of TesseracT, Architects UK, and the Safety Fire (including one of my personal favorite modern metal drummers, Alex Rudinger). I don’t just bet, actually, I know for a fact, because these guys crowdfunded the upcoming A Head Full of Moonlight and took home a whallopping $46k in donations.


So here at Gear Gods HQ we are excited to bring you guys an exclusive dual-guitar playthrough by Good Tiger founders Dez Nagle and Jo Ardiles of the brand new track “Snake Oil.” Check it out below, and pre-order your copy of A Head Full of Moonlight, dropping on April 22nd via Metal Blade’s new imprint Blacklight Media, at this link.

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  • This band is SO good.

  • Good stuff and love the Telecasters, but I’m not sure I recognize the logo. Wirebirds?

    • Yeah, it’s what they played in The Safety Fire, too.

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