I’m not a particularly pro journalist. I never went to school for it (I’m sure you’d never guess that) and although I enjoy doing it a great deal, I’m much more into the technical side of things. But man oh man, there are few feelings like getting the SCOOP! Especially on a band I love – one that was formative in my love for metal.


Gear Gods keyboard/pro audio/recording writer Alex is a longtime Nightwish fan and power metal dork, and he pointed out to me that no one had ever done a rig video of any kind with Nightwish before (he loves pointing things out – check the video at 7:06 where he gleefully tells the keyboard tech what kind of keyboard he’s showing us). I was stunned – no one? Ever? It just seemed so unlikely. One of Europe’s biggest metal bands, and their gear has never been documented?

I did some research and confirmed it to be true. Well, nothing like unexplored territory to get my motor going, so I had my people talk to their people, and next time they were in town, I hopped in the Gearmobile and found myself on the coolest looking stage ever.

You know a band is A.) cool and B.) doing well when they have the same techs for a long time. The techs we talked to about the band’s gear had been with them for 10-15 years, and seemed very content with their jobs. And for people who start their days long before the musicians themselves to be that happy with what they do for so long, they must be treated very well (as they should be). So I was very glad to give them their moment in the spotlight, and they delivered the goods. So thanks to Ulsch, Tero, and Antti for taking the time to show us the works.

Be sure to check Nightwish out on their US tour throughout May

5/6 — Houston, Texas — Warehouse Live
5/8 — Orlando, Fla. — House of Blues
5/9 — Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. — Revolution
5/11 — Nashville, Tenn. — Marathon Music Works
5/12 — Louisville, Ky. — Expo Five
5/13 — Charlotte, N.C. — The Fillmore
5/14 — Silver Springs, Md. — The Fillmore





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