A Brazilian metal band. No, that doesn't mean they're fully waxed.

Ibanez went full-dynamic-angle in this clip.

Zach's GoPro was certainly put through hell.

Bonus: They included the vocalist in the playthrough. Double-bonus: ruminations on the nature of a playthrough. Triple-bonus: I type the

Legendary guitarist is back with a new track from his upcoming Concrete Gardens record.

The dude in this case is Pete Cottrell, a London based guitarist who collaborated with Rob Scallon on Djenty Metal

Evan's got something a' Brewering.

And as a bonus: we get angry about vertical videos.

Phil Dubois-Coyne's temporary drum replacement is more than suited to the task.

New professional footage has surfaced of the band performing "Larks Tongues in Aspic, II"

Check out "Bridgeburner" performed live at GodCity Studio.