The "Manipulator" of 9 string guitar.

He didn't Scale the Summit so much as he remained at the base of it for this playthrough.

I think a soreption is when you have a sore inside of another sore inside of another sore

Okay, fine, it's actually "Wasps in the History of the Weak." But personally I prefer my version.

Featuring one of the best cabinet manufacturers that you've likely never heard of.

It's studio, but also live. But also studio. But also, live.

One song - 13 guitars. Overkill? No such thing.

Some hump day shredfest to get you through the week!

Oleg Zalman plays through a sci-fi-black-metal track off Labyrinth Constellation

Two drummers, twice the drummer jokes.

Megadeth's golden age drummer made that band truly great.

Ex-Beyond Creation bassist's new project is as tech-y as you all hoped!