Northlane Bassist’s Pocket Grooves Will Make You Rot

When we ran down Northlane’s rig late last year, we marveled at their complex set-up which includes a direct in-ear mix matrix, two pedalboards per instrument, and a refrigerator rack that accepts each 8-channel cable snake from the boards and shoots them to the house PA and in-ears.


But gear aside, you might’ve wondered, is this band able to play together organically? That question can be answered by starting with bassist Alex Milovic, who has just posted a playthrough video for the song “Rot” off the band’s upcoming album Node. The video is also basically a really pretty video advertisement for his Dingwall Combustion NG-2, the company that makes those slanted necks that everyone is scared of.

Although this song itself isn’t too convoluted or proggy, definitely take note of how laid back and in-the-pocket Milovic is. He’s basically playing one note per chord or riff pattern, which allows the bass to sit back in the song and lay down a solid harmonic gridwork.

Node drops on July 24th. Pre-order it here.

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