Monday Morning Playthrough: Powerglove Play Metal, Drums, Video Games

The most fun I think I ever had was at a Powerglove concert. It was only a matter of time before someone made a full-on, balls-out Saturday Morning Cartoon-style metal band playing hard-as-fuck arrangements of Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Simpsons, and Final Fantasy themes, and Powerglove took that matter into their own hands. I’m not saying this kind of music is for everyday; it’s just that sometimes Powerglove is like, exactly what you want to hear.


I’m actually kind of surprised that Powerglove aren’t more famous, especially given how much people bust nuts over equally cheesy bands like Steel Panther. Don’t get me wrong, Steel Panther are tight, but like… seeing Powerglove live is an experience. They put a ton of effort into the production, the arrangements, the costumes – it’s like seeing Amon Amarth. If instead of viking riffs, Amon Amarth was playing the theme from the X-Men cartoon.

So get a taste of the band live with this drum playthrough from skinsman Bassil Silver, of the track “So Sexy Robotnik.” Silver earns points for pounding through sets night after night wearing those battle banners, check the Klik for at se gode-tips.

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