THE MACHINIST: Guitarist Josh Gomez Saves The Day In This Exclusive Playthrough Premiere of “Empire State of Emergency”!

Hailing all the way from Queens, NY, progressive metal act THE MACHINIST have been busy celebrating the release of their most recent album Confidimus in Morte, which dropped this past April via Prosthetic Records. Now, guitarist Josh Gomez is here with an exclusive playthrough of the track “Empire State of Emergency”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


About the bangin’ song and gear he’s using, here’s what Josh had to say:

“‘Empire State of Emergency’ is definitely one of the more simplistic tracks off of C.I.M, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold its ground in comparison to the rest of the album. It gets straight to the point: fast, aggressive, in-your-face metal. Come see the whole band rip this song up every night on our upcoming tours this Fall/Winter!”

“The gear I’m using in the video is a Legator ninja 7 loaded with EMG 57/66 & A DDT11-65 set by DR Strings, into an EVH 5150iii head with a Marshall 1960 4×12. The gear I currently use both live/home and endorse are: Seymour Duncan Pickups, DR Strings, Pig Hog Cables, Maxon Effects, Intune Guitar Picks, Orange Amplifiers.”

Be sure to catch the band on one of their upcoming tour dates below, as well as to follow them on Facebook and their website.

  • 12/04 – Brooklyn, NY- Gold Sounds
  • 12/05 – Albany, NY- Fuze Box
  • 12/06 – Hartford, CT- Webster Underground
  • 12/07 – Amityville, NY- Revolution
  • 12/08 – Trenton, NJ- Mill Hill
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