Tips to Audio Engineering Success With Joel Wanasek

We’re pretty excited about the work that our pal Joey Sturgis has been doing in his CreativeLive and Forum Podcast outlets. Joey is a fantastic engineer who has recorded and mixed huge bands like Asking Alexandria, Miss May I, Oceano, and many more, and what’s great about these side projects is that he’s really providing great life lessons and advice to aspiring audio professionals, completely for free!


He just dropped a nice little series with Joel Wanasek, a musician and engineer who has helmed records for bands like Trapt, Vinyl Theater, Rosaline, The Bloodline, and many more. Joel is a member of the Joey Sturgis Forum Podcast and also owns an active studio in Milwaukee, JTW Recording. Wanasek provides six tips for success in the audio field, all of which have nothing to do with the technical side and everything to do with the most important aspects of the job.

This is particularly important for recording students, or for people that are thinking about doing an internship at a recording studio and aren’t sure about the codes of conduct that govern these businesses. The first three of those keys are live now. Check em out below:

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  • Work hard, show up on time and keep an open mind? If that’s all this podcast is about, then I’m not going to pony up $15/month for that.

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