Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – More Like, Drums! No, Sick Drums!

One of my favorite big-time/pop-metal albums of the year so far is Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!‘s new album, Get Lost, Find Yourself. The much meme-d leaders of the easycore genre (dubbed EZrevival2k15 by revivalists) really focused in on the elements that make up their genre – catchy pop choruses, bouncy breakdowns, etc – and trimmed all the fat.


Even if you can’t get into the ridiculousness of the music, there’s something to respect there; I see this stuff as sort of the modern-day equivalent of 80’s hair metal. It may be formulaic and totally silly, but that doesn’t mean that you should immediately discount its artistic merit.

Drummer Bastien Lafaye is a big part of Chunk’s honed-in sound on the new album. He finds the perfect grooves and accents to make the songs really gel, as evidenced by his playthrough for the track “Playing Dead.” Check it out below:

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