Alex Rudinger of GOOD TIGER Wants To Sell You “Snake Oil”

It was just a few weeks ago that several notable metal musicians started mysteriously tweeting and Facebooking the hashtag #goodtiger and promising a reveal the next day. When the jig was finally up, we learned that not only would this band include both guitarists from the recently-defunct The Safety Fire, but also drummer extraordinaire and man-ban enthusiast Alex Rudinger, Elliot Coleman (formerly of Tesseract) and bassist Morgan Sinclair of Architects.


We also learned that Good Tiger‘s album has already been recorded, and is nearly ready for release! It’s like finding out that not only did you impregnate someone, but it was 9 months ago and the baby is due immediately. You get to skip all the waiting! Good call.

So that’s probably also why they already have a drum playthrough ready and raring to go. So enjoy Alex in a somewhat less insane context than you’re usually used to, demonstrating how he can play in any fucking context he pleases.

Get ahold of the Good Tiger album by pre-ordering on their Indiegogo campaign.

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