Shred Ain’t Dead, if Skull Fist Has Anything To Say About it


I’ve been an admirer of Toronto’s classic-metallers Skull Fist, for some time now. In a time of trendy revivalist metal, it’s refreshing to see a band go for it as shamelessly as they do, while also having a sense of humor about it. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve got some sick riffs. Even the way that the band put together drummer JJ Tartaglia’s playthrough for the song “Shred’s Not Dead” is consistent with their vision: dynamic camera angles, dramatic lighting, and, well, cymbals that are absolutely absurdly high. I’m sure recording him is an engineer’s dream – how often do you get that much separation between cymbal and drum sources?

Skull Fist’s sophmore album, Chasing the Dream (what a title!) is out now. Check out their clip for another ripper, “Bad Not Good,” below

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