Classic Metal Drumming 101, by Pat Garvey

Hey beginner drummers, if you’re just starting to dip your toes into learning songs by your favorite bands, then you need to check out this new video lesson by Pat Garvey. An instructor at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute and member of the band Independent, Garvey has been a lifelong educator and session drummer.


What’s great about this lesson is that Garvey hones in on the nitty-gritty of how players like, in this case, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo on the song “Ghosts of War,” actually construct their beats. He also emphasizes how you can use these techniques to your advantage to create your own unique sound:

Copying other peoples playing, trying to emulate their feel and the sound of their equipment is such a valuable part of the learning process for us as musicians that it’s hard to get across just how important it is in one paragraph but remember the goal is to develop your own voice and your own sound through a study of others – the world doesn’t need another Chris Aldler, Pete Sandoval, Lars Ulrich or Dave Lombardo – it needs YOU!

Check out the lesson below, courtesy iDrum Magazine:

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