STEPHEN TARANTO Shreds Through Playthrough of “Quantum Leap”

Since the release of his highly anticipated debut EP, Sydney based guitarist Stephen Taranto (from The Helix Nebula) has blessed us all and recorded an impressive new playthrough of his track entitled “Quantum Leap.” In this video, Taranto receives some fretboard assistance from his guitar wizard buddy Mitch Clews, who is an equally insane musician. This is a beautiful rollercoaster ride of a song, with all sorts of melodic passages, head-bobbin’ grooves, and technically proficient playing. If you need even more of a nerd reason to watch, there’s Abasi Concepts and .strandberg* guitars in the same video.


If you dig what you hear, check out the rest of Permanence here, and follow Stephen on Instagram and Facebook. While you’re at it, check out Mitch Clews’ Instagram as well.

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