STEPHEN TARANTO (The Helix Nebula) Announces Debut Solo EP!


The day has finally come! You may know Stephen Taranto as the guitarist for the Australian tech-metal group The Helix Nebula, and now the young musician has officially announced the release of his debut solo EP Permanence. The EP is set to drop March 22nd, and features riffs that many of us can only dream of being able to play. This has been a long time in the making and features not only Stephen holding down composition credits but also bassist Simon Grove taking the reigns on the production, mixing, and mastering fronts. Nicely done gents!

You can pre-order Permanence here.

From Stephen:

“I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED to finally announce my debut solo EP, Permanence. I hope you enjoy these snippets! The record will be out on March 22nd.”


1. Aporia (feat. Aleksandra Djelmash)
2. Throne of the Anxious
3. Pixel Heart: Verdant
4. Pixel Heart: Celestial
5. Quantum Leap

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