Exclusive Playthrough: Meridian Guitarists Chris Evanko and Juan Espinosa “Borrowed Time”

Man, I hope that Poughkeepsie, New York’s Merridian still have all of their original members, so we can refer to them as “Prime Merridian.” And if this lineup does turn out to be the band’s best incarnation (because almost every band in existence undergoes a lineup change eventually), then we can refer to them as “Optimized Prime Merridian.” Or we can just call them the band that’s doing an ill playthrough for us this week. Your choice.


The dual guitar4 attack of Chris Evanko and Juan Espinosa is in fine form on the track “Borrowed Time,” from the band’s new Victory Records full-length The Awful Truth. I’m looking forward to their next tune, “Borrowed Thyme,” from the follow-up EP The Awful Dinner I Made Because You Forgot to Return My Spices, You Schmucks. I don’t know about the latter one, but the record that I didn’t make up for a dumb cooking joke drops September 2nd, and you can preorder it here.

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