Christopher Amott Spends Armageddon Showing off His Considerable Chops

Armageddon? More like Amottgeddon. Well, actually no that would be stupid, and inaccurate, considering the high level of talent from the entirety of the band’s members. You wouldn’t expect the former Arch Enemy guitarist to line the ranks of his new band with a gaggle of scrubs, now would you?


Still, it’s Amott that is featured in this playthrough video for the song “Equalizer.” Amott, a guitar or two, and… well I’m sure there’s an equalizer somewhere in the racks of gear behind him but maybe he should have named the song “Some Really Expensive Preamps and Compressors” if he was going for the highest level of specificity. But maybe his picking technique is already so precise that he has to counterbalance things with vague song titles, lest the gravity of his perfection snap the entire planet into a perfect grid of immaculate clockwork.

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