IK Multimedia Releases SampleTank 3 – Jordan Rudess Shows You How to Use It

In the world of progressive metal, few keyboard players carry the same gravitas as the wizard himself, Jordan Rudess. When he joined Dream Theater, it was a game changer for the game changers. So if a sound engine, keyboard, sample library, or piece of software is endorsed by him, people tend to listen. The man makes his own apps for making crazy new sounds never heard before, so for such a tastemaker to be seen using the new Sampletank, I feel like idiots feel when they see Ryan Gosling wearing a Gucci V-neck: I gotta have it.


Sure, maybe I can’t play like Rudess, but if I can get the same sounds as him, then my productions have a fighting chance of sounding pretty damn good. Sampletank 3 has a host of features that will help you to reach that goal, with 3 powerful engines for resampling to stretch 2,500 prerecorded grooves, 2,000 MIDI patterns, 55 different effects, and of course 4,000 instruments to choose from in 21 categories.

Sampletank 3 is currently shipping for $299.99 direct from IK Multimedia, and if you’re already a Sampletank user there are several reduced-price crossgrade options.

Check out these videos of sorcery for an idea of what you can do with it:

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