Vika Yermolyeva Celebrates the Release of a New Machine Head Album with a Metal Piano Cover

It’s been a while since we checked in with Vika Yermolyeva. She garnered a groundswell of buzz when her “Master of Puppets” piano cover went viral, and on Gear Gods we covered her Deftones interpretation shortly thereafter. The pianist with the hacker alias of VKGoesWild specializes in reshaping metal tunes into classical solo pieces, and she does it damn well.


Now that Machine Head’s Bloodstone and Diamonds has seen a release, Yermolyeva was compelled to filter Rob Flynn through the ebony and… damn, I made a reference to that song in my last post. Well fine, let’s just get right to it, then. Here’s her interpretation of “Damage Inside.”

And in case you haven’t yet heard it, here’s the Machine Head original:

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