Here’s How They Made The War Drums In Mad Max: Fury Road

Like the rest of you, I got my brains and dick pummeled by Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie plays like a love letter to so many genres – carsploitation, chase movies, John Ford Westerns, and more – but has a fresh, relentless energy that comes around pretty rarely in movies.


Part of the spirit of the movie is in the music. Although the guitar that shoots flames has been covered extensively in the media, people haven’t paid too much attention to the incredible percussion and war drum recordings that drive the pulse of the music.

The drums, which were scored by Junkie XL along with the rest of the music (who I knew little about, but he says the music is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, so he must be cool as shit), were done in an interesting analog/digital mix, starting with analog recordings of hundreds of drums, and ending in a mixing and editing process with a custom Native Instruments Kontakt program. Junkie talks about his techniques for arranging his recordings in the following, extensive video demonstration. Check this out:

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  • according to my brother, this is the most metal movie ever. he also said it was basically an inception of my brain. he may be right.

  • Indeed very interesting & cool, but this guy’s workflow is ridiculous
    to me. I’m not sure how he did it, but it literally took him 20 minutes to create half a bar of drums. Maybe the fact that he plays by hand, quantizes, quadruples notes, THEN time-shifts to make the quantized notes sound hand-played may have something to do with it. (Just play the goddamn drums by hand & leave them that way! They’re supposed to be played by post apocalyptic crazies!) I could’ve done all of that in roughly 5 minutes, but what do I know. Some folks just enjoy playing around with velocities & plugins & whatnot, some of us just want to get to composing.

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